Old Dead Branches Can Damage Cars

Has it ever happened to you after a rough stormy night you come out to your driveway and find that a big old tree branch fell and landed right onto your car, damaging or smashing your windshield?  Believe it or not this happens more than you think.  Of course hind sight is 20/20 but there are ways to try and prevent trees with old branches accidentally damaging your car windshield or worse yet a friend’s or neighbor’s car.

Keep your eyes out and inspect your trees regularly to check for dead branches or particularly large or heavy branches that seem to weigh down.  Trim back excess branches that hang over driveways.  There are those freak storms we’ve all heard of that simply due to the brute force of mother nature there’s no stopping some trees going down.  But a strong healthy tree will usually withstand even the worst storms and winds.

Many auto insurance policies do not cover certain types of windshield damage, but these days there are a good percentage of states that include windshield replacement coverage with any comprehensive auto insurance policy.  If you’re in doubt, check with your particular insurance carrier to see if there will be any out of pocket expense to you if in the event of a tree branch crashing through your windshield you will be covered.   You can usually find a local auto glass shop that also provides mobile service to come out right to where your car is and do the windshield replacement or repair for you.

If it happens that one of your trees has damaged another person’s vehicle or auto glass, such as a neighbor or friend parked next to your property, in most cases you will not be responsible or liable for this type of damage. If that person has auto insurance that should suffice in covering any costs of repairs for tree branch damage.   Of course the neighborly thing to do is try and prevent an old branches from getting to that point by taking care of the trees on your property, or hiring a professional tree service to come out and properly trim any old dead branches that are looking precarious before they cause any unnecessary damage to your car or another’s.

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